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This post is part of Polyarchy, an independent blog produced by the political reform program at New America, a Washington think tank devoted to developing new ideas and new voices.

The dilemmas for Democrats in 3 past visions for the party

Democrats and neoliberalism

The problem with Joe Biden’s Republican “epiphany” theory of bipartisanship

Why are there so many Democratic candidates for president?

We need fewer billionaires and more millionaires

Progressive elites only remember that states exist when they’re out of power in DC. That’s a problem.

What liberals get wrong about conservative state dominance — and why it matters

If we’re abolishing the Electoral College, let’s also have ranked-choice voting for president

How to fix Congress — according to Congress

There’s no case for the filibuster in a closed Senate

National emergencies could be a step toward political violence

The case for helping the “unwilling to work”

Can Congress fix itself?

Why Howard Schultz for president makes great drama: it highlights the fragility of our winner-take-all system

The billionaire express lane

The 70% marginal tax rate is only the beginning of a fair system

Democrats’ small-donor campaign finance proposal is a great deal for taxpayers

Paying Congress’s interns a living wage is a good idea. Paying professional staff one is even better.

House Democrats’ big democracy reform package is good policy, and smart politics

Is dynastic politics on the way out?

One big winner last night: political reform

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Is voting a civic right or a civic duty?

The “dollar auction” theory can help explain the Kavanaugh chaos

Why did Bernie Sanders’s Stop BEZOS legislation draw so much resistance?

How much longer can the two-party system hold?

Stop saying “drain the swamp”

The case for cautious optimism on campaign finance reform

Here’s the slogan Democrats should run on: “Support Checks and Balances. Elect Democrats.”

It’s time for term limits for Supreme Court justices

America has local political institutions but nationalized politics. This is a problem.

California could avoid the chaos of the “top two” primary with ranked-choice voting

The politics and policy of racism in American health care

All politicians “game” the system. The question is how?

Is there a case for political optimism?

Yes, Democrats are the party of fiscal responsibility. But that will (and should) change.

What the Facebook hearings reveal about corporate power in Washington

Data rights are civic rights: a participatory framework for GDPR in the US?

Employers are increasingly using their workers as lobbyists. Here’s why that’s a problem.

Why America’s 2-party system is on a collision course with our constitutional democracy

Will Trump break American democracy?