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Vox's politics team explains everything you need to know about what's going on in Washington and what it means for your life.

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The courts were never going to save America from Donald Trump

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The conspiracy theories about Kate Middleton’s disappearance, explained 

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America has a good model for how to handle immigration: America

More than 100 Palestinians were killed trying to get aid

How Mitch McConnell broke Congress

Trump’s immigration policies are his old ones — but worse

The Supreme Court just handed Trump an astonishing victory

How Mitch McConnell lost by winning

Trump looking stern with an American flag behind him.

2024 Elections

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How Amy Coney Barrett could save us from fully legal automatic weapons

Should Big Pharma pay poor countries for finding new diseases?

Can Biden contain the fallout from his Gaza policy in Michigan?

Do 1 in 5 Americans really believe Taylor Swift is in cahoots with Biden?

Why the Palestinian Authority’s government dissolved

Biden has been bad for Palestinians. Trump would be worse.

The Supreme Court appeared lost in a massive case about free speech online

The South Carolina primary was a joke. It tells us something deadly serious.

How US conservatives fell for two of Latin America’s most controversial leaders

Netanyahu’s postwar “plan” for Gaza is no plan at all

Biden is weak — and unstoppable

Mascuzynity: How a nicotine pouch explains the new ethos of young conservative men

Are Ukraine’s defenses starting to crumble?

Why you probably shouldn’t blow up a pipeline

Wisconsin’s new legislative maps are a win for democracy

The US is ready to call for a ceasefire in Gaza. Does it matter?

The Alabama Supreme Court opinion holding that embryos are children, explained

Where does the fight for a free Russia go now?

Justice Alito is mad that George W. Bush was too woke

How Israel’s war went wrong

The Supreme Court will decide whether to let civilians own automatic weapons

How NIMBYs are helping to turn the public against immigrants

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s death, explained

Trump is suddenly in need of a lot of cash. That’s everyone’s problem.

The looming ground assault on the last “safe” zone in Gaza

US officials are always talking about “deterring” Iran. What does that really mean?

Hospitals are supposed to be safe. Not in Gaza.

How the Kansas City shooting proves the “good guy with a gun” idea is a fallacy

Vox podcasts tackle the Israel-Hamas war 

Those evangelical Christian Super Bowl ads — and the backlash to them — explained 

A war has never been fought in orbit. That may be about to change.

We shouldn’t have to live like this.

Trump’s big day in court

The Supreme Court will decide if the government can seize control of YouTube and Twitter

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