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Vox’s policy team covers how government action and inaction affect people’s lives: the problems facing the US, the ideas that could solve them, and the debates and arguments that will determine if those solutions become reality.

How the nation’s capital became an outlier on violent crime

A guide to health care providers, from doctors to nurse practitioners

The legal fight over whether Texas can seize control of the border, explained

Narendra Modi is celebrating his scary vision for India’s future

A controversial execution in Alabama renews the fight over capital punishment

Why I’m glad my newborn received a false positive test for a rare genetic disorder

Why Trump fears a Biden-GOP immigration deal

No, DEI isn’t making airplanes fall apart

A new Supreme Court case threatens to take away your right to protest

What would it take for Nikki Haley to win at this point?

This stream has:

The 2024 New Hampshire primary is underway. Here’s the latest.

The Supreme Court says no, Texas can’t use razor wire to restrain federal agents

Oklahoma is begging the Supreme Court not to make it kill a man

The complicated lives and deaths of TikTok’s illness influencers

Is Nikki Haley a moderate or a conservative? Yes.

Ron DeSantis got the Republican Party wrong

Alec Baldwin’s criminal charges reinstated in Rust shooting — for now

The US and UK hit Houthi targets in Yemen. It probably won’t stop Red Sea attacks.

Congress averted a shutdown. Here’s what’s next.

What the FAA gets right about airplane regulation

The Supreme Court is running away from transgender rights cases

How Black churches could lead the way on teen mental health

The shocking Boeing 737 incident, briefly explained

Cocaine, cartels, and corruption: The crisis in Ecuador, explained

Are you a headache person? You don’t have to suffer in silence.

Do we really live in an “age of inequality”?

Trump says a lot of stuff about the economy. What would he actually do?

Why so many kids are still missing school

The Supreme Court’s new, nightmare abortion cases, explained

The culture war came for Claudine Gay — and isn’t done yet

Are flying cars finally here?

Could this obscure tax idea reshape American housing?

The Fifth Circuit just made it even more dangerous to be pregnant in a red state

Israel’s Supreme Court just overturned Netanyahu’s pre-war power grab

How death threats get Republicans to fall in line behind Trump

Why treatment for severe mental illness looks radically different for rich and poor people

Access to abortion pills has grown since Dobbs

The urgent to-do list awaiting Congress in January

The best ways to help homeless people

Police are solving fewer crimes. Why?

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