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Vox’s policy team covers how government action and inaction affect people’s lives: the problems facing the US, the ideas that could solve them, and the debates and arguments that will determine if those solutions become reality.

Is public school as we know it ending?

A Canadian study gave $7,500 to homeless people. Here’s how they spent it.

Narcan — the opioid overdose medication — will finally be available over the counter

Marijuana could be classified as a lower-risk drug. Here’s what that means.

A Florida hurricane and shooting are testing Ron DeSantis

Medicare’s first-ever drug price negotiations, briefly explained

White supremacy is at the heart of the Jacksonville shooting

The edgelord of the federal judiciary

America has the world’s safest air travel but sucks so bad at car safety

What the GOP debate revealed about Republican health care hypocrisy

The first GOP debate reveals a disturbing level of climate change denial

The anti-abortion movement insists everything is really fine

The Asian penalty in college admissions is still here — even without affirmative action

2 winners and 3 losers from the first Republican debate

Republicans showed their hands — and Trump is still holding aces

Trump’s Tucker Carlson interview was a taste of the chaos to come

How to take advantage of Biden’s new student loan relief plan

All the candidates onstage for the first GOP debate, explained

How housing activists and unions found common ground in California

The case for optimism about the Supreme Court

San Francisco’s robotaxi experiment is getting out of hand

Florida’s restrictive sex ed rules are causing back-to-school mayhem

Mortgage rates are at a 21-year high. Here’s what that means for you.

Hawaii could burn again. How can the government prepare?

The fight over whether courts can ban mifepristone is headed back to the Supreme Court

Biden’s historic climate law has a problem

An act of Congress could grant legal status to thousands of Afghan allies. What’s the holdup?

Will anyone trust these hyper-politicized courts to try Donald Trump?

The new “science of reading” movement, explained

NYC is struggling to help asylum seekers. Here’s why.

The constitutional case that Donald Trump is already banned from being president

DeSantis is still standing by Florida’s revisionist Black history

A deadly shipwreck illustrates the tragedy behind Europe’s migration policies

Trump’s defense in the 2020 election case, explained by legal experts

Is it defamation to point out scientific research fraud?

What the Ohio election results mean for abortion rights

The Supreme Court just handed gun groups a rare defeat

This stream has:

Trump investigations: The Georgia election interference case

The White House should admit that student debt forgiveness isn’t happening

The future of cities, according to the experts

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