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Midterm elections Q&A with Li Zhou and Christian Paz

We answered your questions about this pressing topic.

A graphic shows a collage of election-related images; a hand pointing, a waving flag, the Supreme Court builiding, an elephant, and an abortion rights sign saying “My body, my choice.” Christina Animashaun/Vox

A lot has been at stake in the US midterm elections. And a lot of questions remain.

On November 14, Vox politics and policy reporters Li Zhou and Christian Paz answered your questions about the impacts of the midterm elections, and what’s coming next.

They covered topics such as:

  • What can we expect from Congress now?
  • What do the results mean for abortion laws in America?
  • What’s next for the economy?
  • What does this election tell us about 2024?

Li and Christian answered as many of your questions as they could. And audience members also used this tool to discuss among themselves.

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