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Nov 3, 2020, 10:52pm EST
  • January 20

    Warnock and Ossoff join the Senate, officially giving Democrats the majority

    Georgia just seated its first Black senator.

  • January 15

    Georgia went blue. Can Democrats make it happen elsewhere?

    How Democrats flipped two long-shot Senate seats in Georgia.

  • January 11

    How the WNBA helped flip Georgia blue

    The Atlanta Dream’s Elizabeth Williams on how their endorsement in the runoff Senate election comes after years of the league pushing for social change.

  • January 6

    3 health care policy predictions now that Democrats have won control of the Senate

    How Democratic wins in Georgia affect the odds on 3 health care policy proposals.

  • January 6

    “Buckle up”: Democrats signal they’re ready to go on stimulus

    The Georgia results make more stimulus much more likely.

  • January 6

    America’s anti-democratic Senate, in one number


  • January 6

    The Georgia Senate recount rules, briefly explained

    Depending on how close the final results are, Senate candidates can request a recount.

  • January 6

    Democrat Raphael Warnock has won Georgia’s Senate special election runoff — and made history

    Warnock’s Georgia win is a blow to Republicans.

  • January 6

    “Phenomenal” Black turnout won the Senate for Democrats in Georgia

    Election Twitter was blown away by Black voter turnout in the Georgia Senate runoffs.

  • January 6

    Live results for the pivotal Georgia Senate runoffs

    Democrats have won control of the US Senate with victories in Georgia. Vox has live results.

  • January 6

    David Perdue may follow the Trump playbook on Senate election loss

    David Perdue is striking a Trump-like tone about the election results in Georgia.

  • January 6

    5 winners and 2 losers from the Georgia Senate elections

    Democrats’ double victory will fundamentally change the next two years of American politics.

  • January 6

    Democrats win the Senate — by the slimmest margin possible

    Democrats will hold the edge with a split Senate, giving them a shot at governing.

  • January 6

    Jon Ossoff beats Sen. David Perdue, handing Democrats control of the Senate

    Ossoff’s win in Georgia will give Democrats a slim Senate majority.

  • January 5

    Georgia’s runoff elections are putting Steve Kornacki back on the map

    America’s boyfriend is back to rekindle the nation’s crush on him (and explain the final 2020 Senate races).

  • January 5

    Why Georgia has runoff elections

    Racist lawmakers built Georgia’s election system, and now it’s affecting the balance of the Senate.

  • January 5

    The enormous stakes for Georgia’s two Senate runoff elections, explained

    Winning Georgia won’t give Democrats unfettered control in Washington, but the stakes are still high.

  • January 5

    Why Democrats need Latino voters in Georgia’s Senate runoffs

    "We’re trying to normalize that Georgia is no longer Black and white."

  • January 5

    Georgia is experiencing its “worst surge” of Covid-19 ahead of the Senate runoffs

    The state’s Covid-19 surge is a microcosm of a pandemic raging out of control.

  • January 5

    Why anyone could win Georgia’s runoff elections, according to the polls

    Ahead of the race, polls show both Senate races are very close.

  • December 30, 2020

    Asian American voters could decide the Georgia Senate runoffs

    Asian American voters in the state made a difference in November’s general election — and they could do so again.

  • December 15, 2020

    Facebook is lifting its political ad ban — in Georgia only

    An extended pause on political ads had complicated the Senate runoffs.

  • December 7, 2020

    Everything that needs to go right for Democrats to win the Georgia runoffs, explained

    Democrats need to turn out a diverse base of voters to have a shot at winning.

  • November 30, 2020

    9 questions about the Georgia Senate runoffs you were too embarrassed to ask

    The Georgia races will decide which party controls the Senate.

  • November 24, 2020

    How Trump’s conspiracy theories have inspired some supporters to boycott the Georgia runoffs

    Lying to his supporters about elections being rigged is having an unintended consequence.