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May 11, 2018, 9:10am EDT
  • September 4, 2019

    Kirsten Gillibrand’s 2020 presidential campaign and policy positions, explained

    The New York senator is making gender equity the centerpiece of her presidential campaign.

  • July 26, 2019

    Why Kirsten Gillibrand’s foreign policy plan is one of the strongest yet

    She promised to end "endless wars" and restore American diplomacy — but the details should be a road map for other 2020 Democrats.

  • July 25, 2019

    Kirsten Gillibrand wants the fossil fuel industry to pay for climate damages

    Gillibrand’s new climate change proposal holds greenhouse gas emitters financially accountable.

  • June 3, 2019

    Kirsten Gillibrand breaks down why we need more women in politics, in one quote

    Fox News anchor Chris Wallace asked her to explain what she meant when she said "the future is female."

  • May 22, 2019

    Kirsten Gillibrand’s new policy platform is about making parenting affordable

    It outlines a wide-ranging vision on everything from affordable child care to the costs of fertility treatments.

  • April 9, 2019

    Kirsten Gillibrand used to have moderate positions on immigration and guns. Voters want to know why she’s changed.

    Gillibrand was grilled about her past stances on key issues at a CNN town hall.

  • March 27, 2019

    Kirsten Gillibrand is the first presidential candidate to release her 2018 tax returns

    She’s calling on other Democrats to join her.

  • March 22, 2019

    Kirsten Gillibrand is making paid family leave a defining issue in her 2020 run

    Will it be treated as a "big idea?"

  • March 20, 2019

    Report: a Kirsten Gillibrand staffer resigned after she felt the office mishandled her harassment allegation

    The New York senator and presidential candidate has been a leader on #MeToo.

  • March 19, 2019

    Kirsten Gillibrand: “I had to make my choice” to call for Al Franken’s resignation

    "As a mother, I have to be very clear. It is not okay for anyone to grope a woman anywhere on her body without her consent."

  • March 17, 2019

    Kirsten Gillibrand officially launches her 2020 presidential bid

    Her first major campaign speech will be on the steps of the Trump International Hotel.

  • February 19, 2019

    The biggest questions about the 2020 Democratic primary, answered

    All the Democrats running for president and everything else you should know about 2020.

  • February 10, 2019

    A historic number of women are officially running in 2020

    And remarkably, it doesn’t feel like a big deal.

  • January 15, 2019

    Kirsten Gillibrand announces 2020 presidential exploratory committee

    Her main message: Women are the future of the Democratic Party.

  • June 1, 2018

    Sen. Gillibrand said Bill Clinton should’ve resigned over Monica Lewinsky. He disagrees.

    "She’s living in a different context," Clinton said.

  • May 11, 2018

    Exclusive: Kirsten Gillibrand introduces a bill to crack down on immigration agents

    Agents would need to report every instance they stop and question someone about their citizenship status.

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