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This folk song based on Trump Jr.'s emails is surprisingly good

Move over, Despacito. There’s a new song of the summer.

A Reddit user has turned Donald Trump Jr.’s emails into a folk song — yes, those emails. The ones in which Trump Jr. told Rob Goldstone during his father’s presidential campaign that he would “love it especially late in the summer” if Goldstone could indeed help him get intel on Hillary Clinton, courtesy of the Russian government.

The song, “I Love It (Especially Late in the Summer),” published last Wednesday by redditor spiritgiants, is a surprisingly catchy folk piece written for Song a Week, a subreddit community where the users write and record a song every week, usually but not necessarily related to a particular theme. Last week’s theme was satire.

The song draws on two emails sent by Trump Jr. The first, from June 3, contains the infamous “I love it” line referenced by the song’s title:

Thanks Rob I appreciate that. I am on the road at the moment but perhaps I just speak to Emin first. Seems we have some time and if it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer. Could we do a call first thing next week when I am back?

The other, from June 7, is where Trump Jr. outlines who from the Trump campaign will attend the meeting:

Great. It will likely be Paul Manafort (campaign boss) my brother in law and me, 725 Fifth Ave 25th floor.

In spiritgiants’ hands, these flip lines — which could potentially be used as evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia — become a soulful and mellow meditation on meeting up with a friend in the summer.

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