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All the times Trump mocked the idea of Russia collusion on Twitter

On Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. released damning emails on Twitter that showed the president’s son knowingly met with a Russian government-linked lawyer about information that might assist his father’s campaign.

As Vox’s Andrew Prokop said in his explainer on the released emails:

The email thread makes clear that Donald Trump Jr. was aware of and willing to support a Russian government effort to help his father’s campaign.

It suggests that Kushner and Manafort were also in the loop.

And it raises serious questions of how Donald Trump himself could have kept professing to disbelieve claims that Russia was helping him.

In light of these allegations, let’s look at all of the times Donald Trump, as a candidate, president-elect and president, dismissed the idea that the Russian government was supporting him or any possibility of his campaign colluding with the Russians in such an effort.

The tweets are all here, starting with the most recent and going back.

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