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Meet the fossil fuel all-stars Trump has appointed to his administration

A few of the industry-friendly staffers who will be running your federal government.

Donald Trump has been erratic and unpredictable on a great many matters, but his devotion to the interests of fossil fuel companies has not wavered.

As I document at length in an accompanying post, the administration has acted with great consistency across departments, rolling back regulations, proposing savage budget cuts to agencies researching cleaner alternatives to fossil fules, and above all, staffing federal agencies with people financially or ideologically committed to fossil fuel industries.

As the old Washington adage goes, personnel is policy.

Here are a few of the men and women with notable connections to the energy industry who will be running the federal government for the next few years in the Department of Interior (DOI), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Energy (DOE), State, and National Economic Council.

Did I miss anything? If you’re aware of other fossil fuel-connected appointments or policies, let me know at

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