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Hillary Clinton just announced her next project: funding the resistance

Hillary Clinton Receives Trailblazer Award From LGBT Center In NYC Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

In the months since her devastating loss in the presidential election, rumors have been swirling about what Hillary Clinton would do next. Would she run for office again? Would she get involved in politics at all?

On Monday, Clinton made it official: She is joining the resistance against Trump with a Super PAC — Onward Together — which will be “an organization dedicated to advancing the progressive vision that earned nearly 66 million votes in the last election,” according to an email sent to Clinton supporters Monday.

According to Clinton, the PAC will support anti-Trump advocacy groups like Indivisible, Swing Left, Emerge America, and Color of Change — groups that have already had an active role in resisting the Republican administration’s policy efforts, from rallying against early attempts at a travel ban to staging protests in lawmakers’ town halls over the Obamacare repeal bill making its way through Congress.

CNN reported that the idea for the PAC came together a few weeks ago after the former secretary of state and first lady met with several young activists to talk about the resistance efforts so far.

It doesn’t come as a surprise. Politico and Axios reported a possible political group last week — and Clinton has, in recent weeks, started appearing at more political events. After months of only being spotted in trendy New York City restaurants, at Broadway shows, and on hikes in the woods by her New York house, she has been making more and more public appearances, including speeches at universities and a women’s empowerment conference, and announced a forthcoming book.

The PAC, Clinton’s latest venture, is still in its early stages. It doesn’t yet have a board of directors, but it is already taking donations. The organization’s site has not specified whether it plans to make donors public.

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