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Watch the White House Easter Egg Roll live stream

President Trump will participate in the White House Easter Egg Roll, the 139th iteration of the annual tradition, on Monday morning.

Yet even something as light as the Easter celebration for kids has become a sort of mini controversy for Trump, as a recent New York Times report detailed a planning effort behind on its organizational and staffing requirements. Some contractors went so far as to take to the president’s favorite medium of Twitter to remind him of important dates:

Hosted by first lady Melania Trump, the event is expected to draw approximately 21,000 adults and children to the White House lawn for the festivities, according to CNN, down from the more than 35,000 attendees as last year’s gathering. The festivities began at 7:30 am and will continue throughout the morning, with various waves of events planned.

Though press secretary Sean Spicer was in attendance, he did not reprise his role as the official Easter Bunny, a position he held when he worked for the George W. Bush administration; instead he opted to read a story to children.

You can watch a live stream of the events above, or on the White House YouTube channel.

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