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VoxCare is Vox's new health care newsletter. Sign up for it here.

Health care news is moving fast these days — really, really fast.

Republicans kicked off this year by introducing a plan to replace Obamacare. Conservative groups howled at it, doctors rejected it, analysts said it could kick millions off insurance rolls, and House legislators ultimately gave up on it. That was all in the first three months of 2017.

This is why we’ve launched a daily newsletter, VoxCare, where I am the lead editor and writer. My goal is to explain the day’s most important health care news — from the Hill to the White House to policy land. My colleague Dylan Scott is our other VoxCare lead writer. And you can expect to see other Vox writers — like editor-in-chief Ezra Klein and senior health correspondent Julia — weighing in with their expertise, too.

After each hectic day in the health care debate, our goal is to deliver some clarity to your inbox — about why the GOP is really fighting with the Congressional Budget Office, or why the biggest Obamacare development is actually in Alaska.

You can sign up to receive VoxCare here, and expect to receive it in your inbox Monday through Friday, right around the end of the workday. We’ll see you soon!

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