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How has your classroom changed since the 2016 election?

We want to hear from you.  

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The Trump administration has advanced a series of policies that affect Americans personally: policies on immigration, health care, LGBTQ rights, reproductive rights, and more.

Vox has been covering stories that highlight voices of those directly affected. Immigrants are being uprooted from their communities. A boy named Timmy owes his life to this one Obamacare paragraph. A Syrian refugee in Texas who has no idea when she’ll see her children again.

This got us wondering how all of the changes since President Donald Trump’s election have affected schools and classrooms. What kinds of conversations are taking place about the issues of the day? Have teachers found constructive ways of talking to their students about things like fake news? Have they changed the structure of their curriculum to help students better understand the effects of changing policy?

If you’re a teacher, we want to hear about unique conversations your students have about current events, how daily interactions have changed, and how your classroom is changing because of it. If you’re interested, help our reporting by filling out the form below.

We’ll turn to this story repeatedly over the next few months, so you might not hear back from us immediately. We’ll be in touch if we’d like to use parts of your response for a story.

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