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2 in 3 Americans are clueless about taxes. Are you?

This quiz tests how much you know, how you feel, and how you compare to other Vox readers.

Tax season is upon us, which means many of us are getting ready to prepare our taxes.

Or, more likely, we’re ready to have someone else do our taxes.

A 2013 Quinnipiac poll found that 64 percent of Americans say they have someone else prepare their federal income tax return and a similar portion say it’s too complicated. So if you asked many of them how US tax policy works right now, they may be stumped.

So how would you fare?

We partnered with the Tax Policy Center to create a quiz that asks you some knowledge questions about taxes, as well as some questions on your views about taxes. At the end of the quiz, we’ll show you how you stack up against other Vox readers. Then, we’ll analyze the answers and publish some stories about what it means.