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Poll: 46% of Americans believe major news outlets make up stories about Trump

Win McNamee / Getty Images

Attacks on the “fake news” media have become a staple of the Trump administration — and nearly half of voters, including the vast majority of Republicans, believe the president when he claims that the media is making up stories about him.

Forty-six percent of voters believe that major news organizations fabricate stories about Trump, while 37 percent do not and 17 percent are undecided, according to a new Politico/Morning Consult poll.

Among party lines, 76 percent of Republican voters believe the media puts out untrue stories about the president, while only 11 percent think the media is honest in its coverage of Trump. Twenty percent of Democrats believe the media creates fake stories about Trump, while 65 percent do not.

But a slim majority — 51 percent — said the government shouldn’t have the power to revoke broadcast news licenses for news organizations it believes are fabricating stories. This was an idea Trump recently floated on Twitter:

On Tuesday afternoon, Trump tweeted again about his thoughts on the “fake news” media.

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