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Most primary care doctors who voted for Trump don’t want Obamacare repealed

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Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania recently surveyed 426 primary care physicians about whether Obamacare should be repealed.

The majority of the doctors who voted for Trump, somewhat surprisingly, said it shouldn’t be.

Generally, primary care doctors were less favorable to repeal than the wider population — only 15 percent supported getting rid of the law.

Researchers David Grande and Craig Pollack found that just 38 percent of primary care doctors who voted for Trump want him to repeal Obamacare. The rest do not support getting rid of the health care law that Trump ... well, campaigned on repealing.

This is a similar tension I’ve seen elsewhere in my reporting: voters who supported Trump but didn’t expect him to follow through on his Obamacare repeal promises. “I found with Trump, he says a lot of stuff,” Kathy Oller, an Obamacare enrollment worker, told me during a trip last month to Kentucky. “I just think all politicians promise you everything and then we’ll see. It’s like when you get married — ‘Oh, honey, I won’t do this, oh, honey, I won’t do that.’”

Trump, however, seems quite serious about repealing the Affordable Care Act, and has urged Congress to act quickly in dismantling the law.

You can read my story on Obamacare in Trump country here, and watch a video about why Obamacare enrollees voted for Trump below.