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Listen: 50 voices from the Women’s March in 2 minutes

Who they are, why they were there, and what they’re doing next.

Janice Mollhoff, a veteran, drove to the march from Nebraska.
Byrd Pinkerton/Vox

Hundreds of thousands of people attended the Women’s March on Washington.

I interviewed over 100 of them.

A 10-year-old girl in a fuzzy pink face mask, holding a sign but immersed in a book. A woman who’d just celebrated her 70th birthday, who worked at Planned Parenthood in the ’70s and marched then, too. A 58-year-old CFO of a small software company who said it was her first march. A veteran from Nebraska who drove for two days straight to get there.

What struck me, though, was that so many of their answers to my questions overlapped or connected to each other. The people I spoke to were focused on different issues, but almost all of them were hopeful, and determined to start — or continue — to write letters to their legislatures or run for local office themselves.

Here’s a sample of 50 individual voices, telling me why they came to the march, how they felt, and what they were going to do next.

Read more of Vox’s coverage of the march here. In the audio you can listen to above, you’ll hear from the following people: Grace Lim, Debbie Wevernik, Michelle Juma, Yvonne Clarke, Peggy Bliss, Treyona Alger, Tiarra Dixon, Elizabeth Gonzales, Michelle Colyar, Kristen Royal, Christie Brooks, Charisse Adamson, Jesse Ernest, Jeanne Ernest, Trish Frazzini, Ian MacDonald, Leena Sabagh, Stephanie Seemann, Willa Vogel, Carrie Taylor, Leslie Alfonso, Nerys Torralbas, Maddie Lowman, Arriana Orland, Alisa Kraut, Micaela Lattimer, Sally Gibson, Suzanne Kossan Lowman, Michelle Mostello, Rachel Zlatkin, Danielle Whittaker, Emily Shambaugh, Alejandra Andavert-Seemann, Alisa Kraut, Marla O’Byrne, Lily Godwin, Juda Prokopchak, Karin Fuller Tiffany, Deborah Morris, Shari Shambaugh, Maria Jiang, Jeanne Lally, Angela Person, Mary Chrichlow, Janice Mollhoff, Sally Gibson, Sarah Gibble, Asha Ward, and Joanna Chorazeczewski.

Correction: This piece originally had the two participants’ names misspelled. They are Stephanie Seemann and Alejandra Andavert-Seemann.

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