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DC’s metro system keeps trolling Trump for his poor inauguration attendance

It keeps pointing out on Twitter how bad attendance was for Trump’s event — and how good it is for the Women’s March on Washington.

Washington, DC’s metro system, WMATA, just keeps throwing shade on President Donald Trump’s poor inauguration attendance.

Here are WMATA’s latest tweets from Saturday — on the Women’s March on Washington, which is, among other things, a stand against Trump’s sexism:

Alone, these tweets wouldn’t be too noticeable. They’re just regular updates on activity at metro stations. But they follow a series of tweets WMATA sent out on Inauguration Day that made it clear that attendance at Trump’s inauguration ceremonies was not impressive.

Here are the Inauguration Day tweets from Friday:

There were early signs this would be the case. As of Thursday, fewer than 400 buses had applied for parking permits on Inauguration Day — and 1,200 buses had applied for permits the day after, when the Women’s March will take place.

Meanwhile, Trump promised his inauguration would have an “unbelievable, perhaps record-setting turnout.” Instead, he couldn’t beat the numbers from even President George W. Bush’s second inauguration — and now the protest march that’s geared largely against him is turning out much, much bigger numbers.

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