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Inauguration Day emotion tracker: share your feelings, and we’ll tell you where you stand with others

How many people feel just like you right now?

On Inauguration Day, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the president of the United States with the lowest approval rating for any incoming president in the modern era. So we want to know: How are you feeling about it?

Submit up to five emotions, and we’ll tell you the most common emotion other readers are feeling, as well as how many other people are feeling the way you do. We’ll also grid all the collective feels by their level of happiness and intensity after you submit. You can come back to this page throughout the day and refresh the latest results, too.

How does this work?

How do we know where to grid your emotions? We're using a publicly available dictionary of words rated by their emotional valence — i.e., whether they evoke positive or negative feelings — and arousal, or how intense the word is. These dictionaries are commonly used for emotion research and sentiment analysis.

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