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Time’s Trump covers say all you need to know about 2016

“Meltdown.” “Total Meltdown.” “Person of the Year.”

These images from Time magazine tell the story of 2016 better than any words could:

Time’s three big Trump covers: “Meltdown” from August 22, “Total Meltdown” from October 24, and “Person of the Year” from December 19.
Time’s three big Trump covers: “Meltdown” from the August 22 issue, “Total Meltdown” from the October 24 issue, and “Person of the Year” from the December 19 issue.

Since he announced his presidential campaign, basically no one thought Donald Trump could win the election. Even when he was up in the polls in the Republican primary, pundits argued that the “party decides,” and ultimately the GOP would rally around an alternative. After he won the Republican nomination, his chances looked very dim — he was almost always down in the polls, and he was mired in controversy after controversy, from his bizarre feud with the family of a fallen Muslim veteran to the release of a tape that showed Trump claiming that because he’s a celebrity he can treat women as he pleases and even “grab ’em by the pussy.” Trump’s loss once again looked like a sure thing.

Then Trump won anyway, becoming president of the United States and the most powerful man in the world.

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