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Obama burns Trump while reading mean tweets

“At least I will go down as a president,” Obama responded to a Trump tweet.

President Barack Obama read a bunch of mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel’s show on Monday night, offering by far the harshest response to one of Donald Trump’s.

Obama read one of Trump’s tweets from August:

Obama then said, "Well, @realDonaldTrump, at least I will go down as a president."


There were a few other good ones from random people on Twitter:

  • "Barack Obama… bro, do you even lift!?" Obama said, "Well, I lifted the ban on Cuban cigars. That’s worth something."
  • "My mom bought new conditioner, and it sucks. It isn't even conditioning my hair. I blame Obama."
  • "Barack Obama dances like his jeans look." Obama, agitated, said, "You know, this jeans thing. This is so … old. This was years ago. Come on."

In a wide-ranging interview, Kimmel also asked Obama how he felt about being term-limited out of a third run for the Oval Office. Obama said that George Washington was one of our best presidents because he had the wisdom to step down after two terms — avoiding setting a precedent of presidents ruling for life. Then he quipped, "For me, if I were able to run for a third term, Michelle would divorce me."

You can watch the rest of Obama’s interview over at Kimmel’s YouTube page.

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