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John Oliver's hilarious stunt to get Trump to concede on Election Day

The plan involves the Emmy that Trump always wanted.

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver has a plan to get Donald Trump to concede the election if he loses.

At the final presidential debate, Trump told the country he will keep us "in suspense" about whether he’ll concede if he loses. But he also complained about something else: that the Emmys treated him unfairly. "I should have gotten it," Trump said when Hillary Clinton brought up Trump’s past tweets claiming the TV awards were rigged because he didn’t win an Emmy.

"Of course," Oliver said. "Of course he wants an Emmy. It’s a woman, it’s gold, and it’s proportionate to his tiny hands. It’s basically Trump’s ideal mate."

Oliver added, "Here’s the problem here: It increasingly seems like if Donald Trump loses, we are not going to get the concession speech that the country badly needs, because he is medically incapable of accepting that he is a loser."

So Oliver offered Trump a bet. "I think I might have the answer here, because I have a proposition for Donald Trump: Let’s bet on the outcome of this election. I will take the side that you win. You take the side that you lose. That way, if you lose, you still win. As for the stakes of the bet, I have something I know that you want."

Oliver then pulled out his own Emmy.

Last Week Tonight

"Take the bet, Donald," Oliver said. "Take the fucking bet."

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