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The 24 excuses Team Trump has used to explain Donald Trump’s alleged sexual assaults

From airplane armrests to a Mexican billionaire.

Trump Holds Campaign Event In West Palm Beach, Florida Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images
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Donald Trump’s sexual assault allegations aren’t a “he-said, she-said” situation. Or his word against theirs.

Trump, in a now infamous 2005 tape with soon-to-be unemployed Today show host Billy Bush, outlined what appeared to be his strategy for sexual assault — grab them by their genitalia and start kissing them on the mouth. Within a week, multiple women have come forward and corroborated his statements.

This is a case of he said, they agreed.

And in the face of multiple sexual assault allegations from women all over the country, Donald Trump and his surrogates are determined to create, find, and use every defense they can think of to exonerate the Republican nominee for president. Here they are:

As reported on Friday, Trump is planning to attack billionaire Carlos Slim and link him to the sexual assault allegations, saying that Slim is influencing the New York Times’ coverage. Meanwhile, there’s a report that Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, said the campaign has obtained crucial evidence that will exonerate Trump, though it’s mystifying why, if they had it, they would just hang on to it and not immediately reveal said evidence.

It’s unclear if the evidence Pence is talking about is the Slim attack strategy. But nevertheless, we’ll keep this list updated.

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