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The Trump campaign said it’s gaining momentum — by imagining a world in which women don’t vote

This election is pretty weird.

Eric Trump sent out a fundraising email on Wednesday that claims “right now all the momentum is on our side.” To prove it, the email contains this animated map:

There’s just one problem: As the Guardian pointed out, this is what the electoral map looks like only if women don’t vote at all. On Tuesday, Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight posted a map in which only men vote:

For those curious, this is what the map would look like if only women voted:

Presumably, the Trump campaign is not relying on a repeal of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, to win the 2016 election. So it’s pretty difficult to buy the campaign’s claim that it has the momentum on its side.

In fact, recent polls show that Hillary Clinton has opened up a big lead as Trump has been mired in several scandals, including the leak of 2005 audio in which Trump said he can sexually assault attractive women because he’s a celebrity.

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