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Vox's policy and politics team explains everything you need to know about what's going on in Washington and what it means for your life.

Biden made one of the best decisions of his presidency this week

The ironic spectacle of Kyle Rittenhouse’s Tucker Carlson interview

Kyle Rittenhouse and the scary future of the American right

The limits of popularism

Americans are mad about the economy, but still ready to shop

Democrats’ child care plan could help millions — or it could be a big mess

Senate rules could undercut Democrats’ prescription drug plan

The intellectual right’s war on America’s institutions

House Democrats finally pass a massive social spending bill 

Improving public transit makes it easier for people to stay healthy

What Beto O’Rourke has to overcome in Texas

The Federalist Society’s newest enemy: Corporate America

“We are going to make you beg for mercy”

Why Rep. Paul Gosar’s censure matters

Apple will finally let you fix your own devices — sort of

Why Biden is struggling to revive the US refugee program

States have the power to make or break the infrastructure law

The infrastructure law aims to clean up pollution in your community

The bipartisan infrastructure law is both historic and not nearly enough

We’re all famous now

Democrats are set to leave immigrants in the lurch again

What Steve Bannon’s indictment means for Trump’s stonewalling tactics

The big questions about Covid-19 booster shots

Kyle Rittenhouse’s tears

Democrats have no plan to fight housing inflation

Why it’s not quite time to panic about inflation

The Supreme Court finally figures out that religious liberty cases are hard

North Carolina’s extreme new gerrymander, explained

One Good Thing: A documentary about Philly cops’ worst enemy becoming their DA

The lawsuits attacking Biden’s workplace vaccine mandate, explained

Why the US nursing crisis is getting worse

How to fix Facebook

The Supreme Court must decide if it loves religious liberty more than the death penalty

What proposed SALT changes could mean for your next tax bill

Can the Iran nuclear deal be saved?

America can’t fix policing without fixing the country’s gun problem

House progressives and moderates united to pass a massive infrastructure deal

What is the price of separated immigrant families’ trauma?

The case for mandating Covid-19 vaccines for kids

The surprisingly high stakes in a Supreme Court case about $28,000

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