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Politics & Policy

Vox's policy and politics team explains everything you need to know about what's going on in Washington and what it means for your life.

Did George Santos lie about everything?

This stream has:

What we know about the killing of Tyre Nichols

Lawmakers won’t compromise on police reform. Will Tyre Nichols’s killing change that?

Clean energy is taking over the Texas grid. State officials are trying to stop it.

Ron DeSantis wants to make it much easier for the government to kill people

With coworkers like Marjorie Taylor Greene, what can Democrats do on oversight?

How years of instability came to a head in Peru

Trump struggles to define himself at his first public campaign stop

The fatal beating of Tyre Nichols, explained

What we learned from the Tyre Nichols video

In the last 48 hours, violence in Israel and Palestine has spiked

The Pelosi attack is the culmination of longtime GOP hate-mongering

The stunning hypocrisy of Bill Barr’s probe into the Russia-Trump investigation

Believe it or not, we are not going to be sick forever

Why Teslas keep catching on fire

California’s Senate race is about to get a whole lot messier

TikTok’s master plan to win over Washington

FairTax, the GOP plan for a 30 percent national sales tax, explained

Asian Americans are reeling from California’s back-to-back mass shootings

Trump hasn’t changed. But Facebook is giving him a second chance.

Why older mass shooters like the California gunmen are so rare

Gas stoves and the problematic politics of sacrifice

Trump’s worst judge is now a dangerous threat to press freedom

How the Voting Rights Act ended up back at the Supreme Court

America’s unique, enduring gun problem, explained

“A made-up life”: Congress has never seen anyone like George Santos

Cat Person, Brett Kavanaugh, Fair Play, and the anger of entitled men

Yes, you can have kids and fight climate change at the same time

Why California’s strict gun control laws didn’t stop the Monterey Park shooter

The Federal Reserve is starting a climate experiment

Your segregated town might finally be in trouble

Ruben Gallego’s Kyrsten Sinema challenge is on — with big implications for Democrats’ future

Ukraine has a new cache of weapons on the way — but not German tanks

The coming legal showdown over abortion pills

Dobbs didn’t end the anti-abortion movement

Jacinda Ardern is a global icon — but she’s still a politician

5 myths about gas stoves, the latest culture war clash

Were bivalent boosters worth it?

When hospitals merge, patients suffer

A new study says Russian trolls didn’t sway the 2016 election. Was the threat overhyped?