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Vox's policy and politics team explains everything you need to know about what's going on in Washington and what it means for your life.

The next Congress will be the most representative of Latino identity ever

The big stakes in the Supreme Court’s new LGBTQ rights case

Democrats go to war with Iowa and New Hampshire over 2024

Joe Biden just threw the 2024 primary calendar into chaos

Democrats eye new legislation to rein in Wall Street landlords

Why Trump is still the 2024 GOP frontrunner — for now

What Congress’s same-sex marriage bill actually does

The Senate votes to avert a rail strike — and rejects paid sick leave

China’s Covid narrative is backfiring

The deep roots of antisemitism’s resurgence in America

Hakeem Jeffries’s ascent to Democratic leader, explained

Kari Lake’s lonely, absurd quest to challenge Arizona’s election results

What makes China’s wave of protests different this time

The Senate just passed historic protections for same-sex marriage

A rogue Trump judge has thrown the Supreme Court in disarray

Donald Trump’s dinner with white supremacist Nick Fuentes was much more than a gaffe

“I’ve always been the youngest person in the room”

Why the global economy is slowing

The not-so-lame duck session

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The 2022 midterm elections, explained

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The 2024 Senate map is terrifying for Democrats. That’s one reason Georgia’s runoff matters.

Community hospitals are facing an impossible dilemma

Poor countries are developing a new paradigm of mental health care. America is taking note.

The wave of protests testing China’s zero-Covid policy, explained

A Trump judge seized control of ICE, and the Supreme Court will decide whether to stop him

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The guy who got the midterms right explains what the media got wrong

Qatar’s migrant labor system is bigger than the World Cup

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How independent voters saved Democrats

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The high stakes and unique weirdness of the Georgia Senate runoff, briefly explained

Why Americans will pay higher natural gas prices this winter

The very human, very troubling stories we tell ourselves about crime

America’s unique, enduring gun problem, explained

The White House’s plan to colonize the moon, briefly explained

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How the right’s radical thinkers are coping with the midterms

How one man quietly stitched the American safety net over four decades

Sen. Cory Booker has a plan to stop taxpayer bailouts of Big Meat 

Trump’s return to Twitter prompts outrage and confusion

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The collapse of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried’s shocking downfall

Despite its brutal tactics, Iran’s regime fails to contain mass protests

The incredible shrinking future of college