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Vox’s policy team covers how government action and inaction affect people’s lives: the problems facing the US, the ideas that could solve them, and the debates and arguments that will determine if those solutions become reality.

What we know about the Nashville school shooting

Conservatives are using the tragedy in Nashville to push their anti-trans agenda

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Joe Biden’s first veto takes on Republicans’ war on “woke capitalism”

UN climate scientists are running out of ways to warn us

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Wyoming banned the abortion pill. Some states are trying to go even further.

Stop requiring college degrees for jobs that don’t need them

The brewing war over who goes hungry in America — and how to feed them

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Why 70 percent of the world’s maternal deaths are in sub-Saharan Africa

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Will anybody stop that Trump judge from banning abortion pills?

Should you be worried about your small bank?

Ron DeSantis is using Ukraine aid to win over the GOP base

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Did the Fed break Silicon Valley Bank?

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The UK’s extreme new immigration plans, explained