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“She hardly goes out”: Racism is keeping many Asian Americans from going to the doctor

Pandemic-related hate crimes against Asian Americans have left many feeling unsafe in public. The consequences of missed health care will have lasting effects.

Health care in jails and prisons is terrible. The pandemic made it even worse.

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The federal government started New Mexico’s largest wildfire. It had good intentions.

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Evictions are life-altering — and preventable

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How to prevent another white supremacist massacre

A study gave cash and therapy to men at risk of criminal behavior. 10 years later, the results are in.

How America fails children

America’s gun violence epidemic, in one chart

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New York’s restrictive gun laws didn’t stop the Buffalo shooter

Carrick Flynn may be 2022’s unlikeliest candidate. Here’s why he’s running.

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Does Democrats’ support for unions extend to their own employees?

The solution to “differential demography” is more migration

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Can the expanded child tax credit come back from the dead?

Time is running out for Biden’s EPA to act on climate

Where the guaranteed income movement is going next

Who killed the expanded child tax credit?

They warned about pandemics before Covid-19. Now they have a $100 billion plan to stop the next one.

A new documentary looks at women who survived domestic violence — then faced jail time

Elizabeth Warren’s plan to break up Big Everything

Federal marijuana legalization is stopped in its tracks

Public opinion, states, and even the GOP have come around to the idea of legal weed. So how hard is it to finally get done?

What an anti-lynching law means in 2022

In defense of pre-K

The Senate just voted to make daylight saving time permanent. Good.

How high can gas prices go?

The unprecedented American sanctions on Russia, explained

The nerdiest article you’ll read about the baseball lockout

How war became a crime

Tax the land