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Police Violence

Tracking updates on, reactions to, and racial dynamics of the disproportionate amount of police violence in America.

We have enough proof

Why is it so hard to prosecute police? It starts with the investigation.

The complicated relief of the Chauvin verdict

Biden urges Congress to not look away from George Floyd

This stream has:

Derek Chauvin trial and verdict: News and updates

Why Chauvin’s conviction matters

How effective was Derek Chauvin’s defense?

Daunte Wright’s killing is a reminder of how quickly traffic stops can become deadly

What to do instead of calling the police

What the Supreme Court got wrong about homicides committed by cops

A Black Army lieutenant is suing Virginia police after being held at gunpoint

Why the Chauvin trial feels so momentous

Maryland just repealed its police bill of rights. Here’s what it means for reform.

Where Americans stand on policing today

The effects of Black Lives Matter protests

The problem with painting Derek Chauvin as a “bad apple”

Minneapolis vowed to dismantle its police department. Is change finally coming?

Trial by trauma

“10 years for protest, 5 years for rape”: Demonstrators protest a policing bill in England and Wales

Police officers are prosecuted for murder in less than 2 percent of fatal shootings

The sympathy and authority of the witnesses in the Chauvin trial

The Supreme Court just made it harder for cops to shoot people with impunity

How the federal government could improve police oversight

Asian American communities grapple with whether police are the right answer to recent attacks

Activists mark the anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s killing with demands for justice

The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, explained

Angelo Quinto’s family says he died after police pinned him by his neck. Police deny they did anything wrong.

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Now is the time to revolutionize policing

The BREATHE Act is a bold plan to address police violence — and it’s made for this moment.

Grand jury charges Columbus officer with felony murder in shooting of Andre Hill

The high rate of executions during Trump’s last weeks in office, explained

France’s mass protests against a controversial police security bill, explained

Los Angeles voters just delivered a huge win for the defund the police movement 

What the public is getting right — and wrong — about police abolition

The Philadelphia police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., explained

How racism amplifies Covid-19 risk for everyone

#EndSARS isn’t just about police brutality. It’s about the future of Nigeria.

The police shooting of Marcellis Stinnette and Tafara Williams, an unarmed Black couple, explained

Report: Massachusetts rarely fires state troopers, “no matter what they have done”

Kentucky AG releases Breonna Taylor grand jury audio recordings

The financial case for defunding the police