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The inside story at Meta as it moves beyond Facebook

“How do you go through the world and not be bitter and angry?”

Why scientists really, really want to know if there was ever life on Mars

Ukraine and the problem of “futurelessness”

Being a good father means rethinking masculinity

7 solar system mysteries scientists haven’t solved yet

Podcast pioneer Bill Simmons on how to stay relevant

We just got the most comprehensive study of pandemic learning loss

The end of history is history

Cornel West’s pragmatic America

Why Anita Hill wants us to take the long view on the Supreme Court

Brittney Griner’s detention in Russia, briefly explained

Why Americans aren’t happy with their sex lives

The philosopher who warned us about loneliness and totalitarianism

How one lawyer engineered the right’s (likely) successful crusade against Roe v. Wade

An expert on why wars start, and how to prevent them

7 ocean mysteries scientists haven’t solved yet

Michael Lewis on why Americans don’t trust experts

The underwater “eye” that is unlocking ocean secrets

The case for regret

The wisdom of children

The isolation of Vladimir Putin

What science still doesn’t know about the five senses

How to listen to Today, Explained on the radio

The limits of forgiveness

Standup comedy and the myth of cancel culture

Cancer has a smell. Someday your phone may detect it.

The conversation about guns we’re not having

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Doctors learned how to save premature infants’ lives. They forgot about pain.

Scientists are investigating how to treat pain in babies who can’t tell you when it hurts.

The nerdiest article you’ll read about the baseball lockout

The loss of insects is an apocalypse worth worrying about

Russia’s war with Ukraine — and reality

The real and imagined history of Ukraine

The mystery of methane gone missing

How history made this Atlanta neighborhood a secession battleground

The real story of “Don’t Look Up”

What science still can’t explain about love

What romance novels can teach us about attraction

Why you (probably) won’t finish reading this story

“It’s not about Russia. It’s about Putin”: An expert explains Putin’s endgame in Ukraine