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What Salt Lake City gets right about downtown

David Brooks thinks Americans are getting meaner

5 new books (and one very old one) to read in order to understand capitalism

How radical should you be when you’re trying to save the planet?

Naomi Klein on her doppelganger (and yours)

A climate scientist on how to recognize the new climate change denial

Stuart Russell wrote the textbook on AI safety. He explains how to keep it from spiraling out of control.

10 of the biggest — and smallest — scientific mysteries

Democracy is the antidote to capitalism

Is the populist right’s future ... democratic socialism?

How quickly will Donald Trump go to trial in Georgia?

Runners can be disqualified for starting after the gun. What gives?

The case for reimagining the nuclear family

San Francisco’s robotaxi experiment is getting out of hand

These kids sued over climate change — and won

The new crisis of masculinity

Why do so many new songs sound familiar?

11 unexplainable animal mysteries

Even the scientists who build AI can’t tell you how it works

How to raise kids in the face of climate change

How book bans threaten democracy

When you can’t separate art from artist

We need to rethink discipline in schools

Is weed safe in pregnancy?

4 unexplainable mysteries of pregnancy and parenting

What to know about Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom 

How Jordan Neely’s subway killing has divided New York City

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The promise and peril of AI, according to 5 experts

How “enlightened selfishness” can lead to a more fulfilling marriage

Why digital media is melting down

How Pete Buttigieg wants to make America’s roads safer

Are you a good listener? The answer may surprise you.

Katie Porter thinks Democrats have a confidence problem

The real reason prices aren’t coming down

Why fear of crime more than crime itself is holding back America’s downtowns

The media wants the audience’s trust. But is it being earned?

How the March for Our Lives activists see the country now

What is life? Scientists still can’t agree.

3 unexplainable mysteries of life on Earth

Why DC is stuck as America’s continental colony

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