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Has Donald Trump obstructed justice?

Andrew Prokop breaks down this week’s public hearings and Brianne Gorod explains the term “obstruction of justice,” on Impeachment, Explained.

A photo illustration of a seated President Trump and a fragment of the US Constitution. Amanda Northrop/Vox

This week kicked off the public phase of the impeachment inquiry. On Wednesday, we heard the testimonies of State Department officials Bill Taylor and George Kent and on Friday the testimony of former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. Vox’s Andrew Prokop helps us break them down.

Then, Brianne Gorod, the chief counsel for the Constitutional Accountability Center, helps us understand the term “obstruction of justice.” What does it mean? When does it apply? And has the president committed it?

Plus: How Republicans are normalizing obstruction of justice in all of its forms and the precedent that sets for the future.

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Andrew Prokop’s 4 takeaways from the first public impeachment hearing

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