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When Pinterest users started searching for vaccines, CEO Ben Silbermann pulled all medical information from the platform

More tech companies are selling stock that keeps their founders in power

Pinterest is growing, but not as fast as Twitter or Snap were when they filed their IPOs

Pinterest is interviewing bankers — a sign that the IPO is finally happening

Benchmark’s Scott Belsky has four magic words for entrepreneurs: ‘Do your fucking job’

Uber, Pinterest and the rest of the 2019 IPO class emerged from the ashes of the Great Recession

Longer videos are coming to Instagram today

One of Pinterest’s top product executives, Jon Alferness, has left the company after less than a year

Facebook is not getting any bigger in the United States

Pinterest has hired former Google and Square executive Francoise Brougher as its first COO

It’s moving slowly, but Pinterest and other tech companies are becoming less white and less male

Tim Kendall, Pinterest’s top business executive, is leaving the company

Pinterest has new ad-targeting options like ‘vegetarian barbecue’ and ‘desk yoga’

Full video: Tim Kendall of Pinterest from Code Commerce

Fewer than 10 percent of images on Pinterest are shoppable but that will soon change

More Code Commerce speakers: Dia&Co’s Nadia Boujarwah and Pinterest president Tim Kendall

When Silicon Valley startups want to sell ads they head to the South of France

Meet Tim Kendall — the exec making sure Pinterest lives up to its $12 billion valuation

Pinterest raised another $150 million and is now valued at more than $12 billion

Pinterest is now advertising on billboards around New York City

Pinterest has hired a new product boss from Microsoft

Pinterest is putting its autoplay video ads in a lot more places

Pinterest is killing off its ‘Like’ button and wants you to know it’s different from Facebook and Instagram

Google is trying to turn Image Search into a shopping tool

Pinterest expects to make more than $500 million in revenue this year

Pinterest has acquired Jelly, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone’s Q&A startup

Pinterest will now let you search for products using any image you find online — without visiting Pinterest

Pinterest is making it easier to click and buy the stuff you see

Pinterest is launching autoplay video 

Salesforce force Benioff and Pinterest’s top creative guy will headline Code Enterprise

Pinterest has hired its first CFO: Twitter exec Todd Morgenfeld

Pinterest has acquired Instapaper, Betaworks’ save-it-for-later app

Pinterest is finally selling video ads

Pinterest confirms 'acqhire' of mobile advertising startup URX

Pinterest in Talks to Buy -- Or 'Acqhire' -- Deep Linking Startup URX

New York Times Tries Boosting Its Social Media Influence by Buying HelloSociety

Is Pinterest Really a Social Network 'for Women?'

Pinterest Nabs Google VP Jon Kaplan to Lead Global Sales

Pinterest Hires Its First Diversity Head to Get More Women, Minorities on Board

Confronting the Software-ization of Media

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