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Working for Mark Zuckerberg’s philanthropy isn’t always easy since it means working for Mark Zuckerberg

More than 70 employees at Mark Zuckerberg’s philanthropy say it needs to change how it deals with race

Netflix’s billionaire founder is secretly building a luxury retreat for teachers in rural Colorado

After George Floyd’s death, tech billionaires are wrestling with their responsibilities when it comes to race

The pandemic will put billionaires’ commitment to journalism to the test

Bill Gates has an idea for how to get billionaires to donate more for coronavirus

Tech billionaires are already mounting a pressure campaign to prevent the next pandemic

Andrew Cuomo is leaning on tech billionaires to help New York rebuild

The obscure rule that is discouraging billionaires’ foundations from going big on coronavirus

One of America’s key voting rights groups plunged into chaos when it was needed most

This new charity offers scientists coronavirus grants in 48 hours

Google’s former CEO hopes the coronavirus makes people more “grateful” for Big Tech

Bill Gates and the 10 other tech titans with the power to shape how the US fights the coronavirus

These are the trade-offs we make when we depend on billionaires to save us

What you should know about Jack Dorsey’s surprising $1 billion commitment to charity

Why Jeff Bezos’s $100 million donation to food banks won’t satisfy his critics

Tech giants should give away their money instead of their products

Mark Zuckerberg is teaming up with Bill Gates to try to find a drug to treat coronavirus

The pandemic could get Silicon Valley to do something it has rarely done: Give money to local charities

Bill Gates says we can’t restart the economy soon and simply “ignore that pile of bodies over in the corner”

Why we shouldn’t rely on Silicon Valley for face masks

This charity is giving cash directly to Americans suffering during the coronavirus crisis

Laurene Powell Jobs’s charitable group is going to give away almost all of its money

Jeff Bezos just made one of the largest charitable gifts ever

Tech billionaires give away billions — but it’s just a small fraction of their staggering wealth

A new social network makes an old bet: That we want to hear from rich people

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Chris Hughes wants another chance

The multimillionaire Facebook co-founder is the latest moneyed titan to turn philanthropist, and has even called for Facebook’s dismantling. Can he really make a difference?

Why Jack Dorsey (and you) should pay attention to this proposed charity law in California

A new generation of philanthropists are ticked off at Trump — and their parents

Bill Gates’s big takeaway from 2019: raise his taxes

The Gates Foundation has enormous impact. Its CEO leaving could have an enormous impact, too.

Here’s how much America’s billionaires give to charity, in one chart

Google’s former CEO just committed another $1 billion to charity. But he’s spending it on buzzwords.

Silicon Valley billionaires keep getting richer no matter how much money they give away

How Ron Wyden’s tax plan would hit and change philanthropy

Why MIT Media Lab thought it was doing right by secretly accepting Jeffrey Epstein’s money

The charitable deduction is mostly for the rich. A new study argues that’s by design.

Jeff Bezos is quietly letting his charities do something radical — whatever they want

Why one billionaire is calling out Silicon Valley’s favorite philanthropic loophole

How a lawsuit could reveal secrets about Silicon Valley’s favorite philanthropic loophole