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Expert advice on how to deal with the challenges of parenting and raising kids today.


Do I want kids?

How American parents became obsessed with gender

The real reason American parents hate each other

I help people decide if they want to have kids. Here’s my advice.

The problem is work

Pandemic parenting is impossible. American work culture is a big reason why.

The parental burnout crisis has reached a tipping point

The case for raising a mediocre kid

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How to answer 7 big questions kids have about the coronavirus pandemic

Having a kid won’t kill your marriage, and other parenting “truths” debunked

“You’re Doing It Wrong”: the century-old roots of mom-shaming

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Myth #7: Children aren’t old enough to know their gender identity

Most parenting advice is worthless. So here's some parenting advice.

Reality TV offers valuable lessons for children. Really.

7 expenses I didn't budget for as a new parent

The truth about parenting: older kids are much more rewarding than babies

I complained about helicopter parents for years. Then I realized I was one.

How I realized I was part of the problem — and what I did about it.

Childless adults are generally just as happy as parents

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