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How we make money

A key part of fulfilling Vox’s mission to help everyone understand our world is keeping our journalism free. However, free does not mean cheap, and we rely on many revenue streams to ensure everyone can access our work. Our business model blends advertising, grants, and financial gifts from our readers.

No matter how our work is funded, we maintain strict editorial independence. Where applicable, you’ll see disclosures on content that was specifically sponsored by an advertiser or a grant. We also have guidelines that govern who we will and won’t take money from, like fossil fuel companies. You can read more about our ethics and guidelines here.


Like most media companies, advertising continues to make up the bulk of our revenue. Vox is a part of Vox Media, and we adhere to Vox Media’s advertising ethics and guidelines. For inquiries about advertising or sponsorships on Vox, reach out to

Vox Contributions

One of the best ways for fans of Vox to support our mission is to make a financial contribution to help keep our work paywall-free. Gifts help us weather the notoriously fickle advertising market, which goes up and down with the economy. We accept both one-time and recurring gifts. Learn more about the program here, and if you’re ready to go, head right here to make a gift!


We also accept philanthropic support for our work. Where applicable, you’ll see a disclosure included in the content that says it was funded by an outside organization or foundation — for instance, “This project was made possible by a grant from [Example Foundation].”

Our current and previous funders include:

  • The Rockefeller Foundation
  • The Pulitzer Center
  • Omidyar Network
  • The National Institute of Health Care Management
  • New Venture Fund
  • The Commonwealth Fund
  • Animal Charity Evaluators
  • The BAND Foundation
  • BEMC Foundation
  • Canopy Collective
  • Building a Stronger Future [Update, December 19, 2022: In 2022, Future Perfect was awarded a one-time $200,000 grant from Building a Stronger Future, a family foundation run by Sam and Gabe Bankman-Fried, to support a reporting project on technological and innovation bottlenecks that hamper human progress. $14,000 of the grant funds were spent prior to the news of FTX’s bankruptcy and suspected fraud. The project (and any additional expenditure of grant funds) remains on hold. If and when a restitution fund is created, Future Perfect intends to turn over the balance to that fund.]

If your organization is interested in supporting Vox’s work with grant funding, please contact We operate grants under expenditure responsibility directly or through fiscal sponsorship, which offers grantors full transparency on how funds are spent on the reporting in service to the grant’s mission.