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Vox’s mission is to help everyone understand our complicated world, so that we can all help shape it.

What we do

Vox’s staff of over 100 journalists and subject-matter experts research, report and produce articles, videos, and podcasts that make complex ideas accessible. Whether it’s policy, culture, the Supreme Court, meatless meat, political extremism, biodiversity, artificial intelligence, the climate crisis, or something else, we give context to what’s happening today. Our goal is to ensure that everyone, regardless of income or status, can access accurate information that empowers them.

Vox Podcasts: Unexplainable and Today Explained
Vox’s Even Better and Future Perfect columns
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Vox Podcasts: Unexplainable, The Gray Area, Today Explained and Recode Media
Vox’s Even Better and Future Perfect columns
Vox Shorts and Atlas on YouTube

Our Story

When Vox was founded in 2014, it was animated by a simple observation: The media did a good job of reporting the news and commenting on it, but there was a disconnect between that work and the audience truly understanding why something happened. Vox started as — and remains — an organization dedicated to addressing that gap, which not only persists but has grown.

We are proud to have popularized explanatory journalism in many forms, across many mediums. Our work has been used to educate people everywhere from elementary schools to college classrooms to vaccination sites in Taiwan to footnotes in congressional memos. We’ve received numerous awards, including News and Documentary Emmys, Online Journalism Awards, and Loeb Awards. We were a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for our collaboration with ProPublica on maternal mortality. Read more about what we’ve been up to in our press room.

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