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Open Sourced

Open Sourced

The hidden consequences of tech, revealed

FBI warns that hackers are targeting hospitals while coronavirus admissions surge

Republicans accuse Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and other Big Tech CEOs of violating their free speech rights

Trump’s misleading tweet about changing your vote, briefly explained

The messy politics of Nextdoor

What we know about Iran and the threatening “Proud Boys” emails

What the FCC can and can’t do to Section 230

It’s easier than ever for police to get your phone data

How your browser can make your online life a little more private

How to make sure the 2020 census counts you

A broken internet cable took down Virginia’s voter registration website hours before the deadline

How the air travel industry is scrambling to convince people to fly

A crashed voter registration website is Floridians’ latest obstacle to the right to vote

The member of Congress who’s trying to stop QAnon

Americans are one step closer to a national contact tracing app for Covid-19

A fake ad from the 2016 election claimed encouraged people to “vote” by text.

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What voter suppression looks like online

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Why are you seeing this digital political ad? No one knows!

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The future of the vote

Tech and our democracy are more connected than ever before.

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Amazon’s surveillance cameras fly now — which is unsettling

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Why mail-in voting conspiracy theories are so dangerous in 2020

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Postal workers say they are ready for the mail-in voting surge

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How do you cover a presidential campaign during a pandemic?

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This billionaire built a big-money machine to oust Trump. Why do some Democrats hate him?

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Everything you need to know about voting in 2020 (but were afraid to ask)

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Inside the Biden campaign’s surprising influencer strategy

It’s easier than ever to find out how your favorite websites are tracking you

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How to guard your social feeds against election misinformation

Religious leaders are becoming content creators to keep their followers engaged

We’re closer to holographic meetings than you think

Right-wing media thrives on Facebook. Whether it rules is more complicated.

Apple fires back at Epic Games in the latest legal wrangling over Fortnite

The new Apple-Google contact tracing tool finally seems useful


The bigger stakes of the TikTok debate

Elon Musk is one step closer to connecting a computer to your brain

Lower-income students are paying the price for the global laptop shortage

Everything you need to know about Palantir, the secretive company coming for all your data

Contracts, hacks, and Google: What to consider before you get a home security system

How a viral photo of USPS collection boxes became a lesson in misinformation

Why the surge in racist misinformation about Kamala Harris is so worrisome

The dystopian tech that companies are selling to help schools reopen sooner

What women in Congress want from Facebook

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