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One Change to Save the World

Leading voices answer the question: What single issue matters most for the future of global health?

We already know how to save the world. Now we need a strategy to make it happen.

The importance of good global governance in solving big problems.

Better journalism is key to better public health

When covering health, reporters should be as careful as a doctor writing a prescription.

Why making sure girls go to high school is the best possible investment in public health

Growing up in Benin, West Africa, my mother made sure we got vaccinated. Why? She was educated.

Why the world needs more scientists

The director of the National Institutes of Health explains the importance of scientific research.

Melinda Gates explains why good design is essential for improving global health

"At the most basic level, human-centered design is about listening."

Elton John: Compassion saved my life — and it could save millions more

The legendary musician explains why the world needs more love.