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The latest on the Affordable Care Act.

The Supreme Court’s new abortion pill decision, explained

The lawsuit that threatens everything from cancer screenings to birth control, explained

Thanks, Obama! The hilarious reason why a judge just blocked Wyoming’s abortion ban.

Obamacare is under attack by Republican judges again. Here’s what’s at stake.

How Republicans rigged Texas’s federal courts against Biden

Retiring Justice Stephen Breyer’s nearly 28 years on the Supreme Court, explained

Congress is on the brink of an immense health policy failure

Democrats’ winnowing health care ambitions

Democrats desperately need to cut drug prices

3 winners and 3 losers from the just-completed Supreme Court term

What Obamacare achieved — and didn’t

The Supreme Court shut down an attack on Obamacare in the most dismissive way possible

The public option is now a reality in 3 states

Democrats in Congress aren’t giving up on a public option

Nevada is on the verge of passing a public option

The incomplete promise of Medicaid expansion

Why Democrats’ ambitions for health care are shrinking rapidly

There’s a new lawsuit attacking Obamacare — and it’s a serious threat

Exclusive: Nearly 7 million uninsured Americans qualify for free health insurance

Joe Biden is stretching Obamacare as far as it can go

The Covid-19 relief bill is also an Obamacare expansion bill

The government has abandoned Trump’s effort to repeal Obamacare by judicial decree

Biden’s Covid-19 relief plan has a Medicaid expansion problem

3 health care policy predictions now that Democrats have won control of the Senate

A new Supreme Court case considers whether low-income people can lose Medicaid if they aren’t working

What Biden could do to expand health coverage — without Congress

The Supreme Court appears likely to reject the latest attack on Obamacare

Less than a week ago, Trump tried to scrap in Georgia. Now he may lose the state.

Joe Biden’s health care plan, explained in 800 words

The Supreme Court case that could kill Obamacare, explained

Trump just ended in Georgia

4 upcoming Supreme Court cases will reveal who Amy Coney Barrett really is

Trump on Supreme Court opportunity to overturn Obamacare: “I hope they end it”

Amy Coney Barrett’s opposition to Obamacare, explained

The single biggest lie told in the first day of the Amy Coney Barrett hearing

While Trump gets the best health care in the world, he wants to eliminate coverage for millions

7 big cases the Supreme Court will hear in its new term, explained

If Trump wins, 20 million people could lose health insurance. If Biden wins, 25 million could gain it.

Who is Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court?

What a SCOTUS vacancy means for Obamacare

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