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North Korea

News, analysis, and opinions about the US relationship with North Korea and its dictator, Kim Jong Un.

North Korea tested a missile over the weekend. The Trump admin flubbed the response.

Why North Korea’s “projectiles” launch isn’t a cause for concern — yet

It’s been 4 days since Trump’s confusing North Korea tweet, and we’re still confused

Trump scrapped sanctions on North Korea to please Kim Jong Un

North Korea just threatened to end talks with US and restart weapons testing

A top US diplomat just laid out the new approach to North Korea. It’s doomed.

A top Trump official may have just doomed US-North Korea talks

Why North Korea’s restored rocket site isn’t cause for worry — yet

The chaotic Trump-Kim summit aftermath, explained

Trump’s approach with Kim Jong Un didn’t work this time

Read the full transcript of Trump’s North Korea summit press conference in Vietnam

Trump and Kim Jong Un won’t sign a deal in Vietnam

Trump is missing his opportunity to press Kim Jong Un on human rights

How to watch the Trump-Kim summit in Vietnam

Reporters asked Trump about Michael Cohen during the Kim summit — so he banned them

“A bad deal for the United States”: top South Korean official rejects tentative Trump-Kim pact

The second Trump-Kim summit is underway in Vietnam

This stream has:

President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un meet in Vietnam

9 questions about North Korea you were too embarrassed to ask

At the Vietnam summit, Trump has a chance to prove everyone wrong on North Korea

Exclusive: here’s the tentative deal Trump and Kim Jong Un may strike in Vietnam

An expert on what “success” in Trump-North Korea talks would look like

It’s clearer than ever that the US’s North Korea policy is in total chaos

Why Trump is lowering expectations for next week’s Kim Jong Un summit

Japan may have nominated Trump for the Nobel Prize — at America’s request

The US wants to set up a liaison office in North Korea

Trump will meet North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in Vietnam

Trump just admitted North Korea might keep its nuclear weapons

Secret military bases, spy talks, and Trump tweets: the weekend in US-North Korea news

It’s official: Trump and Kim Jong Un will have a second summit

Kim Jong Un made a surprise visit to China. It’s mostly about Trump.

North Korea says continued US sanctions put denuclearization at risk

How Trump made the North Korea crisis worse

Trump’s North Korea strategy isn’t working

Trump made some very scary statements about North Korea in his Fox News interview

Trump insists things are going fine with North Korea. They’re not.

South Korea wants to lift sanctions on North Korea. That could kill Trump’s nuclear plan.

Why North Korea’s latest nuclear concession isn’t one at all

Another US-North Korea summit is coming, South Korea says

Trump says he and Kim Jong Un “fell in love” over denuclearization letters