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North Korea

News, analysis, and opinions about the US relationship with North Korea and its dictator, Kim Jong Un.

What Kim Jong Un’s regime shake-up says about his leadership

Biden’s new North Korea policy is an extended hand to Kim Jong Un

Why North Korea is ramping up missile tests again

North Korea tested missiles again. It’s not as scary as it sounds.

North Korea is giving Biden the silent treatment

North Korea has unveiled new weapons, showing Trump failed to tame its nuclear program

Exclusive: New poll shows few Americans approve of Trump’s handling of North Korea

Kim Jong Un is alive. And he’s ... at a fertilizer factory.

The rumors of Kim Jong Un’s “grave” illness, explained

Trump once suggested all of Seoul’s 10 million residents move to avoid North Korean threat

The serious message behind Kim Jong Un’s silly horse photos

Exclusive: Here’s the nuclear proposal the US plans to offer North Korea this weekend

John Bolton finally says what he really thinks about Trump’s North Korea policy

The optimistic case for a US-North Korea deal, explained by a top South Korean official

US-North Korea nuclear talks are sputtering. South Korea is furious.

John Bolton is out. Let the era of Trump Alone begin.

North Korea continues to test weapons. Trump continues not to care.

North Korea’s new weapons, and how they affect Trump’s nuclear deal hopes, explained

North Korea dislikes US-South Korea military exercises. Apparently, Trump does too.

Stephen Biegun likely Trump’s pick to be US ambassador to Russia

North Korea just tested its fourth set of projectiles in under 2 weeks

North Korea just carried out its third missile test in over a week

North Korea tests missiles for the second time in a week

Trump is letting Kim Jong Un do almost anything he wants

North Korea just fired 2 “projectiles” — curiously timed to Bolton’s trip to South Korea

North Korea just revealed one of its most potentially dangerous weapons yet

The one big benefit to Trump’s diplomacy with Kim Jong Un

Americans are terrifyingly supportive of nuking civilians in North Korea

The secret life of Kim Jong Un

Top North Korean official in trouble for failed Trump summit reappears in public

The possible killing of top North Korean diplomats after the failed Trump summit, explained

In Japan, Trump broke a cardinal rule of being America’s president

Why North Korea called Joe Biden an “imbecile” and “a fool of low IQ”

Trump vows to bring about “the official end of Iran” if it threatens the US again

Why North Korea has launched 2 missile tests in less than a week

North Korea tested a missile over the weekend. The Trump admin flubbed the response.

Why North Korea’s “projectiles” launch isn’t a cause for concern — yet

It’s been 4 days since Trump’s confusing North Korea tweet, and we’re still confused

Trump scrapped sanctions on North Korea to please Kim Jong Un

North Korea just threatened to end talks with US and restart weapons testing