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We still have so much to learn about the brain. Keep up with the latest news, from psychology to machine learning.

My mother died of Alzheimer’s when she was 53 years old. I don’t know if I’m next.

It's been 20 years since my mother died of early onset, or younger onset, Alzheimer's disease. She was 53. I was 17. Losing her — and realizing that I, too, could develop the disease — has haunted me ever since.

Almost half of private psychiatrists don’t accept insurance. People die as a result.

Psychiatric hospitals are legally obligated to treat suicidal patients — even if the patient's funding runs dry — for as long as it takes for the patient to stabilize. But many don't, and the consequences can be lethal.

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Can very small doses of LSD make you a better worker? I decided to try it.

Why your brain is so bad at planning for the future

Most research spending is wasted on bad studies. These billionaires want to change that.

Is GPS ruining our ability to navigate for ourselves?

Sony edited its new movie Concussion to avoid pissing off the NFL

The science of how meditation changes your brain, explained

Brain imaging research is often wrong. This researcher wants to change that.

Two philosophers explain what Inside Out gets wrong about the mind

Watch: The optical illusion that makes it so hard to hit a curveball

The moon illusion: why the moon looks so weirdly huge right near the horizon

This is what your brain looks like during an orgasm

This is your brain on love

How tiny electrodes in the brain could treat Parkinson's, OCD, and even depression

Vaccines don't cause autism. Here's what we know about what does.

9 surprising facts about the sense of touch

Want to fall asleep faster? Don't use an iPad before bed.

5 surprising facts about the science of swearing

Why are scientists trying to map every single neuron in the brain?

Can psychopaths be cured?

The science of "hangry" — how low blood sugar makes you a monster

Why the workday should be 10–6, not 9–5

Americans are sleeping less than Canadians, Mexicans, Germans, and the British

The military is trying to make soldiers stronger, smarter, and more amphibious

Even a single season of high school football might have harmful impacts on the brain

How bacteria in your gut could be making you fat, allergic, or anxious

How to beat jet lag, according to sleep scientists

A tapeworm lived in this man's brain for years

We're getting closer to a cure for blindness

Scientists just rediscovered a long-lost region of the brain

You're not sleeping as much as you think you are

Want a better memory? Here's what science says you should do.

How bionic technology will change what it means to be human

Did you know there’s a part of your brain called “the slime gland”?

Why you're so tired on Monday mornings

Telepathy is now possible using current technology

How scientists are helping blind people see with their ears

The surprising reason why you get cold when you sleep

Bionic body parts: what's already here (eyes!) and what's coming soon

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