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Net Neutrality

The latest news and updates on the FCC's and internet service provders' challenges to an open internet.

Why the Senate is blocking a new net neutrality bill, a year after trying to save it

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9 questions about network neutrality you were too embarrassed to ask

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What Comcast's huge profits tell us about the state of the broadband industry

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Now that liberals are winning on net neutrality, Republicans want a compromise

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Comcast's lobbying team handed out "priority assistance" cards for faster customer service

Everyone is focused on the wrong issue in the net neutrality debate

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The companies lobbying furiously against strong net neutrality, in one chart

Obama wants to regulate the internet like a utility. His FCC chair disagrees.

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Why the GOP's Senate takeover could be a big deal for net neutrality and patent reform

Cable television is dying, but cable companies are thriving

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One ISP is letting its customers' internet service slow to a crawl

Big Cable's "nightmare" scenario looks a lot like dealing with Comcast now

Big Cable's big problem in the net neutrality debate: everyone hates them