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Natural Disasters

Keeping you updated on the latest news about hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, and more.

Dirty air can be deadly. Here’s how to protect yourself.

How to think about hurricane recovery, according to 3 experts

What do hurricane categories mean?

Hurricane Ida could ravage the Covid-strained Gulf Coast

A 6,000-year-dormant Icelandic volcano just erupted — and it’s awesome

The Texan dream of going it alone was never real

Why some Texans are facing catastrophic electric bills after a winter storm

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“It’s criminal”: A Texas community left without aid in the cold

An Austin organizer explains how the Texas freeze left her already vulnerable community in crisis.

Much of Texas has power back — but it still faces water and food shortages

Biden approves a major disaster declaration for Texas

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Texas winter storm brings extreme cold, widespread power outages 

Spain is still digging itself out from its worst snowstorm in 50 years

2020 ties for the hottest year on record

Natural disasters are increasing. The world’s poorest are left to fend for themselves.

Death toll from 7.0-magnitude earthquake near Greece and Turkey rises to over 80

Typhoon Molave battered the Philippines. Vietnam is next.

Why Trump flip-flopped on California disaster relief

“It just looks like a bomb went off”: Louisianians on recovering from Hurricane Laura

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The survivors

A year after the Camp Fire nearly leveled Paradise, California, the money is drying up and a lawsuit rages. Can recovery efforts ever return a community to its old self?

The Paradise fire is catastrophic. And the wildfire threat to California is only growing.

California’s newly homeless fire victims face the state’s severe housing shortage

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Hurricane Michael threatens the Florida Panhandle

FEMA is testing a new “presidential alerts” system that sends messages to your phone

Trump restates Puerto Rico death toll conspiracy


Why a storm surge can be the deadliest part of a hurricane

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Hurricane Florence threatens East Coast

Puerto Rico’s blackout, the largest in American history, explained

California’s wildfires are not “natural” — humans made them worse at every step

Here’s what Trump could actually do to help Puerto Rico

Hurricane Irma is expected to hit South Florida and the Gulf Coast: What we know

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Hurricane Irma: updates on the Atlantic's strongest storm 

How global warming likely made Harvey much worse, explained by a climatologist

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Hurricane Matthew: News and updates

Friday's spectacular volcanic eruption in Japan, in one GIF

How climate change shaped the way I think about having children

I don't ask: Do I want to be a mother? I ask: Can I really bring a kid into a world careening toward crisis?

What on earth just happened on The Leftovers?

7 facts about Hurricane Katrina that show just how incompetent the government response was

Jeb Bush handles disasters better than his brother

I was evacuated during Katrina. 10 years later, I’m still not over it.

My whole town was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. As my family and I tried to rebuild, we saw the best humanity had to offer — and the worst.

Hurricane Katrina showed what "adapting to climate change" looks like