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Music recommendations, industry developments, and other music coverage from Vox.

How Taylor Swift’s 10-minute “All Too Well” surpasses her original

Astroworld and the trickiness of tragedy blame games

One Good Thing: Kacey Musgraves’s latest album is her messiest — and maybe her best

One Good Thing: Lucy Dacus’s latest album is a different kind of ghost story

Donda: The hype, the controversy, the music, the Kanye of it all, explained

20 years after Aaliyah’s death, her story only feels more tragic

Pop music made conspicuous consumption cool

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Why won’t American radio play more K-pop?

BTS was supposed to usher in the K-pop invasion. Where is it?

Dear Olivia Rodrigo: Ignore the internet. “Originality” is overrated.

Why hit songs suddenly matter more than the stars that sing them

On going back to the movies

Why Britney Spears’s fans are convinced she’s being held captive

How In the Heights went from a student musical to one of the summer’s biggest movies

Big events are back

Japanese Breakfast isn’t the artist she used to be

BTS, the band that changed K-pop, explained

Apple’s antitrust problems in Europe just went from bad to worse

One Good Thing: The perfect album for spring 2021

Truck driver against a vinyl record spinning backdrop

How trucker country music became a ’70s fad

Taylor Swift’s songs haven’t changed. But she has.

How a pop-punk girl group became the most hated band on TikTok

Teddy Pendergrass and Aretha Franklin sing against a glowing radio wave backdrop

How slow jams took over the radio

Lil Nas X’s evil gay Satanic agenda, explained

Megan Thee Stallion, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and H.E.R. win the 2021 Grammys’ top trophies

10 winners and 1 giant loser from the mostly enjoyable 2021 Grammys

The difference between the Grammys’ Song, Album, and Record of the Year categories, explained

Tons of K-pop artists have been purged from Spotify. It’s part of a much bigger problem.

Why did Jack Dorsey buy Jay-Z’s failed music service?

How Dolly Parton became a secular American saint

One Good Thing: How indie rock band Fever Dolls won my heart in just 9 songs

Watch: The Weeknd’s Super Bowl halftime show was mellow but satisfying

How one hit song won The Weeknd a Super Bowl halftime show

The only Christmas music playlist you will ever need

Drive-ins were huge in 2020. But can they work for live music?

11 of 2020’s best TV shows, video games, podcasts, and more

Taylor Swift, pop culture workhorse

South Korea just changed a longstanding military law for the sake of BTS

The true story behind Arlo Guthrie’s Thanksgiving staple, “Alice’s Restaurant”

With “Dynamite,” BTS beat the US music industry at its own cheap game

Beyoncé and Taylor Swift lead the 2021 Grammy nominees

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