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Music recommendations, industry developments, and other music coverage from Vox.

Who’ll blink first: The world’s largest music company or TikTok?

Everyone’s being weird about Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”

Usher has a Super Bowl-worthy legacy. Why don’t people act like it?

How Britney Spears explains Taylor Swift

The Grammys’ Beyoncé snubs speak to a deeper problem

Why are Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj fighting? 

Why conservatives are melting down over Taylor Swift


What all Christmas movies have in common

Renaissance isn’t a deification of Beyoncé. It’s a reminder she’s human.

Are we ready for the return of “stomp clap hey” music?

The Eras concert movie is Taylor Swift leveling up

Celebrities can’t stop showing us who they really are

Maren Morris distancing herself from country music underscores its existential crisis

The sincerity and rage of Olivia Rodrigo

TikTok has transformed the concert experience

What’s going on with these viral, right-wing country music hits?

The confusing Scooter Braun exodus, explained

The Montgomery boat brawl and what it really means to “try that in a small town”

Why Taylor Swift is rerecording all her old songs

The allegations against Lizzo, briefly explained

Megan Thee Stallion, Me Too, and hip-hop’s cycle of misogynoir

The internet’s new anthem is a glorious Eurodance parody

How Drake won

Broadway is awash in bad pop musicals pretending to be about feminism

R. Kelly has received his second jail sentence for sex crimes. Here are all the sexual misconduct allegations against him.

The nonchalant spectacle of Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show

The 12 Days of Christmas: The story behind the holiday’s most annoying carol

How disappointed Taylor Swift fans explain Ticketmaster’s monopoly

The soundtrack to the climate crisis is apocalypse pop

Let’s go down the rabbit hole of Taylor Swift conspiracy theories

What are we supposed to do about Kanye now?

Does Taylor Swift want an Oscar? Perhaps (ahem) All Too Well.

How Beyoncé became Beyoncé in 3 not-at-all-easy steps

Bad Bunny threw the party of the year for Puerto Ricans — and didn’t skip the politics

One Good Thing: A new classic of country heartbreak

What we mean when we say Beyoncé is “saving” house music

One Good Thing: Musician Ethel Cain nurses Gen-Z America’s broken heart


We tracked what happens after TikTok songs go viral

Kendrick Lamar’s Auntie Diaries is a clumsy attempt at trans acceptance

One Good Thing: The messy, glorious music videos of Paul Thomas Anderson

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