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Elvis and the trouble with musician biopics

How Hollywood validates the myth of the good guy with a gun

One Good Thing: Two ’90s Asian films that capture the loneliness of modern life

What happens if you clone Jurassic Park

One Good Thing: 107 minutes of Wall Street traders behaving badly

Two Good Things: Sad kids’ movies about magical seals

15 unmissable movies from this year’s Cannes

The long, long, twisty affair between the US military and Hollywood

The rise of the sadboi big man

The complicated tension of telling the truth at Cannes

One Good Thing: The Jane Campion film that captures spring euphoria

From Ex Machina to Men, Alex Garland is always exploring original sin

One of Multiverse of Madness’s 2 credits scenes is a huge casting announcement

Saving Face is a delightful queer rom-com — and a love letter to Asian moms

The Offer is a TV show about how great movies are

Hollywood’s hot new trend: Parents who say they’re sorry

The bloody, fantastical The Northman refuses to be modern

One Good Thing: Conversations with strangers, which I missed so much

Abercrombie & Fitch told a generation who it was

Living in the shadow of school shootings has changed us. Movies about them have changed, too.

Why Netflix is suddenly losing subscribers

Will this grim satire help you understand what’s happening in Ukraine? Kind of.

This is as good as movies are going to get

The endless debate about spoilers keeps us consuming boring art 

WarnerMedia’s ex-boss says you should be happy with Batman at theaters and rom-coms at home

The story of the internet, as told by the movies

Morbius sucks the fun out of the vampire story

You can’t save the Oscars by making them sponcon

Two actors — and one major corporation — that broke boundaries at the 2022 Oscars

How CODA managed to pull out a Best Picture win

The Oscar-nominated Denzel Washington movie everybody forgot

One Good Thing: The movie you have to see if you loved Drive My Car

One Good Thing: The messy, glorious music videos of Paul Thomas Anderson

Deep Water is a movie for the mean and horny

One Good Thing: The movie that first made me sit up and take note of Jessie Buckley

Pixar’s Turning Red is an unlikely culture war battleground

3 Oscar nominees, one little-seen musical about cheerleaders

The intricate literary layers of Drive My Car

The Batman’s moral universe gets what Todd Phillips’ Joker misses

The Oscars can’t quite decide if they’re about America or the whole world

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