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Why we loved Everything Everywhere All at Once — and why we hope it wins the Oscar

How Shyamalan’s Knock at the Cabin rewrote the book’s ending for a big twist

What Andrea Riseborough’s controversial nomination reveals about the Oscars

17 movies to watch out for in 2023

We can’t grieve what we can’t remember

How Avatar: The Way of Water can make $2 billion and still feel irrelevant

Past Lives is already one of the year’s best films

Cat Person, Brett Kavanaugh, Fair Play, and the anger of entitled men

M3gan is about how scary a tween girl can be

The Golden Globes, Hollywood’s most chaotic awards, have returned

Why M3gan is already a camp horror icon in the making

What Noah Baumbach’s White Noise is really about

Babylon’s debauched old Hollywood is about something much bigger

What gets lost when comedies go straight to streaming

Avatar: The Way of Water reminds us that blockbusters don’t have to look absolutely terrible

3 things to remember about Avatar before you see Avatar: The Way of Water

Why are Christmas movie “miracles” never miracles at all?

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In 2022, nothing horrified us as much as old age

A year in horror movies about the nightmare of aging, from X to Pearl, Barbarian to Old People.

The Whale screenwriter on writing about religious fundamentalism, bodies, and hope

It’s best you know nothing about the new greatest movie of all time

The 25 best movies of 2022

Stop watching movie trailers

Of course Glass Onion is a blast. But it cuts deeper than Knives Out, too.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever unearthed deep colorism within Latino communities

Hollywood’s Black film problem, explained by Elvis Mitchell

Wakanda Forever’s touching credits scene, explained 

Marvel has a whole lot riding on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Unpacking Armageddon Time

All the big new rom-coms star the same people they did 20 years ago

How do you make a movie about a monster?

The existence of the last slave transport ship was denied. A new documentary reveals the truth.

The Banshees of Inisherin is great — and even better if you know the history behind it

[Redacted] returns in Black Adam’s post-credits scene

Halloween: A complete guide to horror’s quirkiest, most erratic franchise

Here are 29 new movies to get excited about

Tár demands — and deserves — your full attention

Triangle of Sadness might be the meanest film of the year. Its director is an optimist.

Every movie right now, from Amsterdam to Glass Onion, stars a million A-listers

The Bros and cons of being a huge, gay Hollywood rom-com

Who built Marilyn Monroe?