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Changes at The Goods

A Vox logo, with a black letter V on a bright yellow background. Vox

In 2018, Vox launched The Goods as a section devoted to consumerism, covering everything from fashion to travel to food to labor. Today, Vox is saying goodbye to The Goods’ branding; what we are not saying goodbye to is the excellent coverage we previously would have deemed “Goodsy,” from all of your favorite reporters.

The work the Goods team has done over the past five years has become ever more essential to and integrated with the larger Vox brand. We’ve also heard survey feedback that audiences find Vox’s sub-brands confusing, so this change will help us more clearly communicate what Vox offers our audience.

If you subscribe to the Goods newsletter, you’ll still get the weekly digest, with even more great stuff from our wider culture team. Culture at Vox means consumer culture (what you came to love and expect from The Goods), but also entertainment coverage, service pieces, and reporting on so many aspects of how we live today. You’ll also still get Rebecca Jennings’s internet culture column in your inbox twice a month.

Thanks so much for reading our work these past many years — here’s to many more!

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