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How we make and spend money, and how economics influences the world around us.

The Supreme Court seeks a middle path between following the law and blowing up the government

Elon Musk’s attempt to silence his critics will be heard by one of America’s worst judges

Why Diet Coke got so expensive

The Supreme Court case seeking to shut down wealth taxes before they even exist

The annoying — and hard to solve — problem of stolen packages

We’ve been fighting poverty all wrong

Wages are rising. Jobs are plentiful. Nobody’s happy.

Formula 1 grew too fast. Now its new fans are tuning out.

The problem isn’t inflation. It’s prices.

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You should probably buy less stuff

How and why to stop shopping for more than you need — or even want.

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The long, long Hollywood strikes have ended

Why stop at the four-day workweek?

What happened to Airbnb?

Biden’s new plan for student loan relief, explained

Sam Bankman-Fried’s trial pulled back the curtain on crypto

America’s shoplifting problem, explained by retail workers and thieves

One down, two to go: Autoworkers get a tentative deal with Ford

Going on strike is a risk

The author Michael Lewis on the lessons of Sam Bankman-Fried

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Dental insurance isn’t a scam — but it’s also not insurance

Basic income is less radical than you think

The actors strike negotiations have broken down

Even for high earners, student loan repayment is crushing

Why 75,000 Kaiser Permanente workers have gone on strike

Rental cars, where the fees are limitless and a reservation is a little bit fake

The whole Taylor Swift-NFL cross-promotion thing is starting to feel icky

The Supreme Court’s uncharacteristic moment of sanity

Why your $7 latte is $7

5 new books (and one very old one) to read in order to understand capitalism

Dumb Money and what actually happened with GameStop, explained

The prices hospitals post online can be wildly different than what they tell patients over the phone

Twitter’s CEO had a wild, combative appearance at the Code conference

The Hollywood writers’ strike is over — and they won big

Inside the very strange, very expensive race to “de-age”

Will the economy finally un-weird itself?

Everything you need to know to feel smart about the UAW strike

Why is Rupert Murdoch leaving his empire now?

We cut child poverty to historic lows, then let it rebound faster than ever before

What’s the state of the Hollywood strikes?

Has Apple Pay made it too easy to spend money?