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Women Also Know Stuff: a crowdsourced list of women political scientists

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The political science community is putting together a crowdsourced list of women political scientists, listed by areas of expertise. The list is called Women Also Know Stuff, and we encourage you to check it out.

Too often, when people put together conference panels and roundtables, look for expert quotations, or invite experts for other settings, they exclude highly qualified women. This can happen because of conscious sexism. But it can also happen because of unconscious or institutionalized sexism. The people selecting the experts are often in professional networks that are disproportionately male, which leads male experts to be the most salient to them, even when there are equally or better-qualified women who could speak on the topic.

We urge those selecting political experts to be intentional about ensuring that women are included. When intentionally seeking out women experts who might not be in the organizer's professional or social network, this site will hopefully provide an easily accessible database of female political scientists with expertise in various topics.